Embrace Variety and Joy: A Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Picky Eating with Kids

This post is all about keeping your picky family fed while still getting the variety you crave as an adult!

One of the biggest frustrations of feeding a picky eater is eating the same thing day after day!  It’s SO frustrating when you want to make your favorite fajitas, but your kid refuses to have cooked vegetables or unbreaded chicken, so you just resort back to nuggets. This post will discuss three practical tips to stop eating the same things on repeat and introduce more variety into your family’s meals.

And if you need a little help? My very own cookbook, “Creative Cooking,” can be your go-to companion on this journey towards deliciously diverse meals!

This post is all about feeding picky eaters.

1. Turn your kids’ favorite foods into different meals for yourself

At some point, most parents experience the classic “chicken nuggets again, mom!” scenario. My daughter is only two, and she already asks for chicken and fries whenever we walk into a restaurant! But what if I told you that you could transform these beloved staples into something delicious for yourself too? Your child’s favorite foods can be viewed as building blocks, and your job is to open your child’s eyes to all of their uses! From mouthwatering chicken nugget and peach balsamic salads to fantastic nugget fried rice, you’ll be amazed at how versatile these childhood favorites can be. And if you need a little help? My cookbook is filled with recipes templates that can help you use of your child’s favorite ingredients in unique and grown-up friendly ways. Embrace the challenge of turning everyday meals into culinary adventures!

2. Plan simple meals that your child can help make

Getting your kids involved in meal planning and preparation can work wonders! It’s not only a great way to bond, but it also encourages them to try new things. Even if they still want their fried rice separated into separate piles (of which they only eat the chicken), you’ll nurture their curiosity and excitement for food. Sometimes I will dramatically try what I am cooking, get excited, add a dash of pepper, and try it again. By the time I finish doing this, my daughter is practically bouncing with curiosity! When kids participate in the kitchen, they’re more likely to take pride in what they’ve made and actually enjoy the meal they helped prepare.

3. Encourage with ONLY your example

We’ve all attempted the “Just one bite, and you can have dessert” trick, but let’s face it – on the rare occasion it does work, you are still teaching them the wrong thing. If you say the carrots need to be eaten before they can have a brownie, you are teaching them that brownies are desirable and carrots are not. In reality, we would love if they preferred the carrots! Rather than putting foods in “reward” and “punishment” categories, lead by example and create a positive eating environment. Your job is to provide the opportunity to eat new foods, their job is to decide when to take it. When your children see you savoring different foods with excitement and curiosity, they will be more inclined to try them too. Embrace a joyful life of trying new dishes and sharing that happiness with your loved ones.

BONUS: Be patient

The journey of raising picky eaters takes a lot of patience, but it’s also an opportunity to explore the world of flavors together. Remember, variety isn’t just about the ingredients; it’s about creating a joyful life of purpose around food. Every mealtime can become an adventure where you share laughter, stories, and newfound culinary experiences.

So, dive into the world of diverse flavors with “Creative Cooking.” Together, we can break the cycle of eating the same things and embark on a culinary expedition that not only delights your adult taste buds but also fosters a deeper connection with food and with your children.

Let’s embrace the joy of food and inspire our little ones to become adventurous eaters, one delicious bite at a time. Happy cooking!

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This post was all about feeding picky eaters

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