Finding Purpose in Your Life: 5 Essential Insights for Expanding Life’s Moments

This post is all about how slow living can help you with finding purpose in your life

Ever look back and wish you could hug your past self? I certainly do. When I reflect on my journey to find purpose in life, I can’t help but cringe at how determined I was to focus my efforts in the wrong direction. 

Like so many people, I thought the answer was productivity. If I could get more done in a day, surely I would feel more fulfilled? I literally would plan my day in pencil and fill out what actually happened in pen to track my productivity! Ultimately, it just burned me out. 

I tell you that mainly to emphasize that I am naturally someone who tries to solve problems by hitting the gas instead of the brakes. Despite that, I’m here today to share some insights that completely changed my quest for a joyful life of purpose. And guess what? It all starts with embracing slow living.

This post is all about finding purpose in your life through slow living

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1. Recognize What Purpose Truly Is: Cherishing Relationships

You know that warm feeling you get when you connect with a friend, or even discuss a topic that lights you up? Well, turns out, that’s a big clue to finding your joyful life of purpose. Purpose isn’t just about grand achievements; it’s about knowing what relationships truly matter to you and nurturing them. 

This includes relationships with people, but it also includes your relationship with nature, your home, your body, and anything else you consistently interact with. Slow living nudges you to pause, look around, and give your time and attention to the things that warm your soul.

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2. Embrace the Art of Living Slowly

Imagine life as a captivating book—each chapter holds its own beauty, and you wouldn’t skip a single word. That’s exactly how living slowly feels. Instead of constantly racing toward the future, wondering what the end will be, slow living asks you to be present in this very moment. It’s about savoring the taste of your morning coffee, feeling the grass tickle your toes, and soaking in the laughter of a loved one.

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3. Ditch Multitasking and Savor the Single Task

Raise your hand if you have ever walked into a room to do something and gotten distracted doing something else! By the end of the day, it leaves you feeling exhausted, yet you can’t name a single thing you accomplished. Guilty as charged, right? Well, the first step to slow living is focusing on one thing at a time. When your head is full of a dozen things you are trying to accomplish, your focus shifts from nurturing to productivity. 

When you give your full attention to a single task, it creates a space for mindfulness and introspection. Some days it is necessary to dress your child while eating a granola bar and talking to the plumber. However, I guarantee that the days you focus on nurturing your child, body, and home separately will feel more fulfilling.

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4. The Power of Pondering: Finding Your Role

Remember when I said that purpose is found in nurturing relationships? Slow living gives you the space to figure out how you want to nurture them. Do you like to nurture your relationship with the earth by using clean products or gardening? Do you prefer to nurture your family with healthy foods or fun activities? By figuring out your role in nurturing each relationship, you’re shaping the very essence of your purpose.

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5. Prioritize What Truly Matters

Life is a grand buffet of experiences, but let’s be real—you probably can’t, and even shouldn’t eat everything available. I remember making a list of every “millionaire morning habit” I could find, and turning it into a 3hr long morning routine. However, each person is unique, so most of them just did not benefit me to the same degree, so I started experimenting with cutting things out. Nowadays, I have a 15 min morning routine that nurtures my mind and body so much that it feels luxurious without a single expensive product! Slow living encourages you to focus on what truly matters to you. It’s like sifting through the buffet and picking out the dishes that make your taste buds dance. Say no to the noise and yes to the things that align with your values, passions, and, yes, your purpose.

So, my purpose-seeking friends, as we navigate this crazy journey called life, let’s remember that a life of purpose isn’t a “when-I’m-rich-and-famous” dream. It’s woven into the tapestry of our relationships, our moments of presence, our focused attention, and our heartfelt priorities. Slow living isn’t just a lifestyle—it’s a gateway to discovering the joyful life of purpose that has been there all along, waiting for us to unravel it. So, take a deep breath, relish the now, and let’s embark on this purposeful adventure, one slow and meaningful moment at a time. You’ve got this! 🌟

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This post was all about finding purpose in your life through slow living!

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