Hey Friend,

I’m Katherine

I’m seriously so excited to meet you!!! Like most of the people that end up on my blog, I am a recovering perfectionist who is trying to build my dreams while learning to love this messy middle.

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I help moms find the joy that sometimes seems hidden in all the beautiful chaos, so each week we chat about ways to find the joyful life of purpose that is waiting for you and ways to create a home environment that supports that life.

There is a joyful life waiting for you!

You’ll find that most of what we chat about here falls into three categories, so feel free to explore whatever is most applicable to you in your current stage:

Lessons I’ve learned on my journey

Even though each person is unique, I’ve found that often our stories are so similar! My goal is to help you feel some hope and connection as I share my story.

Rediscovering Creativity through Cooking

One thing that we have in common is we all eat! If you struggle to name a single one of your hobbies or don’t feel like you have a title outside “mom,” then this is the place to start!

in case you were wondering

You have an important purpose

Whether or not you know what it is, you have a unique impact that you can make on every life you touch! Learning how to live in that purpose is easier said than done though.
I promise that the life you have been dreaming of is closer than you think!

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You are creative.
You deserve to trust yourself.
Your uniqueness is worth being explored and shared.